Annotations: Bad Dreams and Other Stories

Thoughts. Tessa Hadley is, apparently, a New Yorker staple—six of ten of the stories in Bad Dreams were published first in the magazine (and Deborah Treisman is the first person Hadley thanks in her acknowledgements). If you like the New Yorker‘s aesthetic, I imagine you’ll like Bad Dreams. Enough said. 1. “An Abduction”: At times,Continue reading “Annotations: Bad Dreams and Other Stories”

Annotations: All the Names They Used for God

Thoughts. It’s a little early in the year to declare any book, even one this phenomenal, my best read of 2022. But I’m tempted. It’s rare for a collection to hit so many high notes so many times. I admired even the stories I didn’t love, and I only actually disliked one. More importantly, twoContinue reading “Annotations: All the Names They Used for God”