Annotations: Jacket Weather

Thoughts. There are few novels that I would describe as simultaneously weighty and light, serious and funny, complex and straightforward, deep and effervescent. Somehow, Jacket Weather is all of those things. Mike DeCapite is the kind of writer who makes reading easy without ever compromising beauty of prose. His narrative is told in a series of fragments,Continue reading “Annotations: Jacket Weather”

Annotations: Open Me

Thoughts. I am a creature of obsessions—when I’m interested in something, I fail to moderate: curiosity becomes interest becomes preoccupation becomes fixation. It is not usually the case that I can read a novel, love it, and set it aside. Instead, I read a novel, read it again, talk about it ad nauseam for severalContinue reading “Annotations: Open Me”

Annotations: Once There Were Wolves

Favorite words. “There’s no love between Six and Nine yet,” I say. “But they haven’t killed each other, either.” The words fall so casually from my mouth that I am startled. Is that the way of all love? That it should carry the risk of death? For the first sixteen years of our lives, AggieContinue reading “Annotations: Once There Were Wolves”

Annotations: All the Names They Used for God

Thoughts. It’s a little early in the year to declare any book, even one this phenomenal, my best read of 2022. But I’m tempted. It’s rare for a collection to hit so many high notes so many times. I admired even the stories I didn’t love, and I only actually disliked one. More importantly, twoContinue reading “Annotations: All the Names They Used for God”

Annotations: No One Is Talking About This

Favorite words. The comforting thing about movies was that she could watch bodies that were not feeling they were bodies. Moving effortlessly through graveyards, even uphill, wearing clothing whose tags did not itch, there was never a stray hair caught in the lip gloss, the frictionlessness of bodies in heaven. Sliding over each other likeContinue reading “Annotations: No One Is Talking About This”